Nardis is the alias behind the chill-out, instrumental electro-downtempo music written, produced and performed by Federico Mahjong Conti. The music can described as Electronic but mixed with a number of styles including Jazz, Dance, World and Chillout.His 1st Lp “Casasonica” is luscious, so chill, groovy and full of love. “I’ve Got The Blues” is a bouncy, broken beat, funky synth bassline with retro-soul / delta blues vocal samples. Tracks as “Tamil” touch the hindi – world music influenced while the jazz feeling come back in song like “One Size” and “Sunrise”, a brazilian jazzy bossanova sung by Sarah Michelle. Several compilations from europe, america and asia licensed in the Nardis tracks for chill-out and first class electronic compilations.The 2nd Lp “X&Y” keeps the main elements of the previous album but the concept is completely different: this record plays as a soundtrack release, tracks like “The Da Vinci Code” are directly inspired by homonymous movies while song like “I Will Never Die” are thought as virtual soundtrack compositions of love movies.If you're unfamiliar with the Nardis’s music, then his last Lps are an excellent way to get yourself up to speed. Nardis is without question one of the most successful independent electronic producers representing italian underground nu jazz music.