This website offers artists, producers and record labels an easy way to get their music mastered via internet or by mail. Just send us your music online - and within hours you will receive a mastered version.

 What is Mastering ?

Mastering is the art of capturing the most of a musical performance and thereby faithfully rendering the artist vision. Mastering helps bridge the distance between the artist and the listener.

Moreover, mastering makes music compatible and competitive for the consumer market, so that each title sounds right on any kind of stereo system.

How is Mastering done ?

Mastering (aka Premastering) brings the various frequency levels of a music title into perfect harmony. Sub-bass, mid-range, presence, and hi-end are individually edited.

Multi-band compression, limiting and SPL maximizing are used to obtain the optimal sound level and perfect volume level (subjective audible volume level) of the different frequencies. The human ear hereby proves itself a particular challenge because it perceives various volume levels differently strong.

Mastering can also influence the stereo signal. Stereo balance, stereo spread and stereo phase are edited. This is to guarantee that nothing is erased, such as in the bass level, or when a title is heard in mono, or with a very large stereo base.

The beginning and ending of a title is cut exactly, or edited to turn a maxi into a single version.

Your mastering orders will be processed as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours, but no later than 3 business days. The mastered files are accessible as downloads in the customer area.

Instructions for the "Pump My Tune" mastering service material submission:

1 - prepare the final stero mix in WAV or AIFF format, be sure you are bouncing a 16 / 20    or 24 bit and 44.1 / 48 or 96 khz uncompressed file.

2 - the stereo mix must be flat (no bus compressor / limiter / cuts and bus eq)

3 - if the track features a voice send to us just the instrumental track + another stereo flat track for the accapella including all the fxs in the vocal mix (including reverb and delays).

4 - export a "solo" bounce of the kick if it's an house or r&b track. This is not necessary for pop, trance and hardstyle.

5 - every part you export must be entire, from the top to the ending, if the track's lenght is 5:32, every track (instrumental, vocals, kick) must be 5:32, no more no less.

6 - now "zip" all the material in 1 file (zip - sit - rar formats are accepted aswell)

7 - now write to us using the form at the following link:

we'll reply to you with the login for the material online upload.

8 - we'll start to work on the mastering process just after the bank transfer payment, each song's mastering costs € 149, fix price. You'll receive our bank details with the login for the submission, after that please send back to us the bank transfer receipt as e.mail attachment.

9 - you will receive in 48 hours 2 / 3 different mastering of your tracks, now you can decide due to your taste the right analogue mix for your production !

 Pump Your Tune !