After the 'Cube Guys' experience, producing the Kym Mazelle's single 'LOVE MAGIC - Media Records', Federico Mahjong Conti starts a brand new project called EYES OF LOVE, featuring the amazing Sarah Grimaldi, a singer nobody can't love at the first listening. This time he backs to the roots, to the basics of the classic vocal house sound (federico conti mixes), to develop in the mahjong rmxes a completely different sound as opposite, something we can call a 2005 touch.

Sarah Grimaldi is one of the best dance singer in Italy, she is on all the worldwide charts with the project 'LOVEMAKERS - I GET THIS FEELING Oxyd Records'.The latest Eyes Of Love release has been licensed for Uk / Eire territory to BORN TO DANCE records and to ACT2 / MUSIC PLANT for the Us / Mexico / Canada territories. In June 2006 the 1st single “My Love Is U” broke the Billboard Usa Club Chart Top 25 ! “My Love Is U” entered in the first 50 house tracks most wanted in the world (info source www.mis-charts.de).

"The track “My Love is U” is loosely about trying to find a place in life and the fact that we don't always know where to find love and happiness or how to deal with them if we do, you don't want to wear your heart on your sleeve, in case that love isn't returned," says Sarah Grimaldi who penned the lyrics of “My Love Is U”.