Denim J

featuring Lynsey Shaw

DENIM J: An "electro-pop-crossover" experience! Denim J has recently become more popular after the synchronization with the european TV commercial "Lancia Y Momo Design" and with the second season of the TV series Falcon Beach of the track "On The Downlow (All In Love)" from their 1st single released in the 2005 by Shema Records / Mahjong Music. In the 2006 DENIM J produced the single "Miami Beach" appearing on various compilations around UK, SCANDINAVIA, RUSSIA, ITALY. 2007 has seen a new entry to the project in the form of Lynsey Shaw! Fed Conti, founder and producer of the project met Lynsey around London after discovering her talent through her girl band ELECTRIC DOLLS. They decided to go further with a POP-ELECTROCROSSOVER project mixing together the best of their musical experience. The product is MODERN LOVE.!

Modern Love: A present day love story told from the perspective of a girl who falls in love over the Internet. Is the romance real or fantasy? Is the guy of her dreams set to be her very own 2007 Mr. Darcy or is he just a 2d image made up in her head, a fictitious culmination of lustful thoughts & random texts & emails? We’ve all been there… spending every spare moment of our day on Myspace or Facebook, waiting aimlessly for those elusive text messages from a certain someone. The buzz of a sexy response is truly addictive. In this modern time of cyberspace are we destined to yearn for the love we crave unfulfilled in virtual reality? In this banging tune full of longing, love & lust Lynsey explores what it feels like to be left wanting more…

LYNSEY SHAW :: biography

Born in Loughborough, Leicestershire, England Lynsey has been singing and performing all her life. Since fashion college, she has fronted numerous bands and worked on several solo projects, performing everywhere from working mens' clubs to Wembley Arena.Lynsey formed Girls@Play, a five piece pop group. The band had two chart successes ('Airhead' and 'Respectable' - a cover of the Mel & Kim classic). This took her touring the UK, playing at all the major arenas, radio road shows (including Radio One) and a host of TV appearances. Favourites...  “G.A.Y. was always a highlight and just to be on stages where I'd seen my idols perform before me was an amazing experience”.

Since G@P success she has fronted and vocaled the track by Offbeat called If I Ever See You Again (signed to Positiva/E.M.I) included on the No.1 album Club Fever, and has had numerous singles signed (Eye Industries/Oxyd) including a catchy cover of Kim Wild’s “You Came” produced by Alex Fain. Lynsey is currently fronting a 10-piece band, performing around the world and in the major hotels in London's west end, while continuing to work on her solo and Electric Dolls projects. www.electricdolls.com Her songwriting is going from strength to strength, collaborating with her fabulous friends Danny Kirsch & David Trotter.

Now this fresh, exciting collaboration with Fed Conti has given birth to an amazing new track “Modern Love” insuring that together with some spellbinding tunes & stage performances Lynsey Shaw will be a name you won’t forget!

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